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Be still sometimes

Peace; be still.

These words taken from a text more philosophical and spiritual in nature signifies something rather significant. The concept of peace invokes a sense of calm, relaxation, absence of conflict (even if it is temporary), and a way to gather and collect yourself. Be still means just that; for some, it may mean to pause and gather yourself. For others, they think of the image of a deer in headlights where they are completely still in order to figure out what is going on.

In our daily lives and routines, be it business, personal, community, or a combination of these and other realms, we all understand the concept of moving parts. It's a friendlier way of saying there's a lot taking place and going on, ranging from the amount of things happening or the depth and detail in which they occur. It can include how close to home, to the head, and to the heart such things are happening, and if too much is going on, it can put people in a dangerous space and place.

And that is when, let alone before things get to that point, where we need to slow things down.

Ranging from unplugging, to putting the phone on silent (let alone cutting it off), logging off, or what have you, we all need a moment or two where it's acceptable for us to simply be still. It doesn't mean you aren't doing anything; rather, you are giving yourself a chance to simply slow things down, sort through things, and make a little more sense out of things that are taking place. When we take a moment to simply breathe and leave things alone for a moment, that moment can help regain the momentum in order to tend to the tasks at hand.

I'll admit I did so when I got in today. After a day of editing (hopefully this is the final set of edits for my book), a podcast/video shoot, a meeting, and then another call meeting, I simply needed to take some extra time to simply be still. While this is getting out later than planned, sometimes, you simply need that moment or two to not necessarily fully rest, but just be still, get yourself together, and then proceed.

Peace. And sometimes, being still helps you to be even more sound and solid than before.

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