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Who are you doing it for?


I'm not talking about the Dr. Seuss character and the sound that he hears. I'm not talking about the British rock band either. I am speaking to a fundamental question which can be a guiding question with anything you are doing professionally, community-wise, or otherwise.

Do you know who you are doing this for?

A snapshot of who we do what we do for.  Are you able to answer the question of who?

It seems like a pretty simple question. To varying degrees, we do things for ourselves. We go out to eat to a certain restaurant because it is our favorite and we want a satisfying meal; we travel different spaces and places because we always want to go there, or it's a favorite place, so we indeed focus on our satisfaction and fulfillment.

When it comes to providing a good or service, we have to identify who we are working with. We have to ask questions ranging from who is our target audience to who is going to benefit from the work we do.

There is nothing wrong with focusing on self-fulfillment or achievement. To a degree, we have to in order to take care of the things we want and need, ranging from our family responsibilities and things of the sort. We equally have to remember who we are serving and making sure as best as possible, we are not doing them any sort of harm at the expenses of extra money in our pocket or popularity.

Who are doing this for? Is it a balance between self-growth and the growth of your target audience? is it about better equipping and empowering your target audience? These may not be all of the questions you ask yourself, but if you are having challenges with answering the question who you are doing something for, you may need some time to really pause, reflect, map out your action-plan, and then execute and adjust accordingly.

We do what we do for a number or reasons; ultimately, be it a student who is trying to reach and achieve their testing goals to the client who needs to revamp their press and media strategy to better connect with their audience and additional opportunities, these are the services we provide. We are able to answer the "who", and we can help you to do the same.

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